Our Story & Home


The Wren's Nest was built in 1856 by Fletcher Sloan.

The beautiful colonial structures of Tennessee inspire us to handcraft and source functional luxury items that last a lifetime.

The Wren's Nest is a curated collection built on 30 years of experience from jewelry and clothing artistry, importing rare and unique items, to working with weavers and craftspeople all over the world. The Wren’s Nest features textiles, clothing, and home décor from all faces of the globe. 

Karen Roberts has a passion for timeless goods that weather a lifetime of use. She has assembled the Wren’s Nest collection with an emphasis on integrity, quality, practicality and beauty. The goods show an intimate connection with nature. They are as at home in a quiet, rural context as they are an antidote for the disposable goods of modern living.

As a sustainability and environmentally conscious merchant, we strive to create the best experience for our customers and for our planet. Be sure to check out our Hallowed Hill Farm webpage. Learn about our licensed nature preserve, beekeeping, regenerative farming, and more!